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Posted by TNT (Member # 2566) on :
We choose not too!!!How many times have you asked GOD for something? Why is it that we chose not thank GOD for what it is we have??Now when faced with realization that this is the omega & he has sent us here to testify,And one of his Angel's need a flight home we choose to look the other way? What would happen if he didn't send his Angel's here to give the world a second chance?What if turned his back & acted as if he didn't care. Where would the world be?Everything we have was guven to us by GOG. We choses to destory what he gave us freely? Is it society or is it who we are as a person? When a major tragedy happens we ban togeather'but when its a small miracle,when one person would make the differance we won't help? Once again i will ask we have an Angel (his name is John)we need to get from Raleigh NC> to Phx.,Az. ASAP. It only takes one person to say yes i will bring an Angel home right away.Is that person you? Or if you know of someone that could help tell us about that
Do the right thing
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Posted by Bob Bayless (Member # 745) on :
I don't think angels are allowed on the jumpseat.
Posted by Irish (Member # 722) on :
Only archangels are allowed the jumpseat.
Posted by Captain Ed (Member # 2263) on :
Unless you have an authorization signed by The Bishop of Rome.
Posted by IA Farm Boy (Member # 2024) on :
... or the VP of Flight Ops.
Posted by Goodyear_26 (Member # 304) on :
Thought wings were standard equipment with Angels!
Posted by Jetman (Member # 2511) on :
If GOD wanted us to fly , he would have given us wings.
Posted by Captain Ed (Member # 2263) on :
This guy made his own wings:
'Birdman' dives to dry land

The BBC's Caroline Wyatt
In Cap Blanc-Nez, near Calais, France

The BBC's Caroline Wyatt watched as Austrian parachutist Felix Baumgartner successfully became the first person to skydive across the English Channel.

0530, Calais: Nail-biting moments for Felix Baumgartner's support team, waiting on the cliffs of Calais for the countdown to his jump.

Did it: Journalists applauded when Felix landed

Felix's girlfriend, Katjuschka Altmann, is here too, looking nervously up at the dark skies.

Then we see the lights of his plane taking the 34-year-old daredevil to his drop off zone, 30,000ft above Dover.

Just half an hour later comes the countdown in Calais - five, four, three, two ... and then the announcement of a two-minute delay.

What we don't know until later is that the cameraman on board the plane with Felix has passed out from lack of oxygen - Felix gives him some of his oxygen before taking his leap into the clouds below.

0610: Around 30 journalists and camera crews from around Europe are scanning the dawn sky for any sign of Felix when suddenly we see a speck hurtling through the air towards us at an immense height.

Then we see him more clearly, the 6ft wings strapped to back silhouetted against the rising sun.

Suddenly I can see why he called the project Icarus 2.

It may have been tempting fate, but there is something almost mythological about the sight of the man flying un-powered through the sky, free-floating like a bird.

Birdman lands

But Felix was rather luckier than Icarus - there is too much cloud cover in Calais on Thursday to be in any danger of burning his wings.

0620: The birdman has landed - considerately right in front of the camera.

Unusually for journalists, everyone spontaneously bursts into applause.

There was something ridiculously daring about this challenge.

Not Buzz Lightyear but Felix 'flying' over the Channel

A big thumbs-up from Felix and then there is a scrum around him as the Austrian looks both elated and relieved.

So how did it feel?, we shout.

"It was great", he replies, still holding onto his wings.

"It was a feeling of total freedom alone in the sky, just me and my wings up there, relying on my own skill and training."

His only problem in this .........................
Posted by chrispy (Member # 2242) on :
Enjoyable Post, Capt. Ed.


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