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Posted by Phil (Member # 509) on :
Can you post here - any information that you can find about any changes to our Medical Insurance as a result of the bankruptcy, merger, or Obama Care?

I found the following on the AA Grey Eagles website. It may pertain only to AA and TWA pilots that retired after the 2002 merger date but I am not sure:

OCTOBER 4, 2013

1): If you have not been on jetnet lately, they have
a section in benefits that discusses medical and the new government health
care law. For those over 65 and those who retired before November 1, 2012
there will be no changes. But those retiree's under 65 and who retired
after Nov 1, 2012, you can now go on the exchanges and see if you can get
better insurance than buying it from the company. The big note here is if you
do go some where else you can not come back to the company so be very
careful. Read the fine lines. Over 65 retiree's after Nov. 1, 2012 you still have
to buy your own supplemental. 2) Remember all those who retired before Nov
1, 2012, still have the company insurance policy, after Nov 1,2012 you have 31
to buy your own insurance. It is good to look at jetnet every now and then just
to check what the company is doing to benefits."

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