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Posted by TWAFA007 (Member # 1494) on :

Thanks Smilin' Jack for our own JetBlue forum. I will be sure to spread the word around campus of this new board. There is a lot to talk about here at JetBlue. With a new JFK T5 term, 400 planes on ordered, a new hub and training center at MCO, the sky is truely the limit. Anyone who works for JetBlue has drank the blue koolaid and would agree it is one of the best places to work. Its exciting to feel apart of something really BIG! JetBlue is changing the course of aviation history.

Thanks again Jack.

Posted by B-757-200 (Member # 430) on :
007---you need to change your handle to JBU007!

Glad things are working out for you there.

BTW, according to the latest stats, JetBlue only has 170 jets on order; currently flying 53 A-320s, with 100 ERJ-190s and 70 A-320s currently ordered. The total is estimated at 220 by the year 2011. Not bad, by any stretch, especially if they're all used to STEAL AA's passengers/revenues!!! [Big Grin]
Posted by webmoonchild (Member # 1477) on :
JetBlue, don't look back. Can you say AAEagle?
Posted by ESTERBEAN (Member # 773) on :
Let's hope all goes well with JB as my wife
after 30 years with TWA is training now..
Posted by chrispy (Member # 2242) on :
Jet blue really does treat OAL jumpseaters great, please accept many thanks from those of us that used to fly on J.B when TWA had NY bases.
Posted by B-757-200 (Member # 430) on :
That would have been 2001, Chris.

Time flies, huh?

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