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Posted by chrispy (Member # 2242) on :
Hats off to the Airbus crew the other night that landed their aircraft with a nose gear malfunction. Spectacular sight with a positive outcome.

What I find appauling is when you go to the Allied Pilots Assoc website (union for american's pilots-APA) there are postings wishing harm to the crew and hopes for a unfortunate outcome. When you go to the TWA pilots website it has kudos for the crew for a fine piece of airmanship.

Amazes me how two groups of pilots, that are enaged in the same profession, but one group hates and the other recognizes talent. Very confusing.

Congrats again to the crew

Posted by jpp (Member # 2913) on :
Hello Chrispy,

I was one of the first (and only) ones to applaud the JB crew for the great job they did... but as you pointed out, most posts dealt with negativity and there was almost dissapointment that it turned out the way it did. C&R (the APA board) tends to attract and invite some pretty hostile people and their whacky comments. Most of us greatly admired the outcome of the JB incident, but we are the type of people that avoid going on C&R for the reasons stated above. As a result, you end up reading a lot of crAAp intermixed with a few sane, logical posts.

Kudos to you ex TWAers who maintain a consistent professionalism and a true family-style culture. I wish we had that over here. Hopefully when you fine folks come back we will be lucky enough to benefit from said values you brought to our airline.

Posted by chrispy (Member # 2242) on :
Thanks for the posting

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