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Posted by fdobcy (Member # 3039) on :
Hello from France...
following rcvd from my friend Rob Buck former Delta Captain.... son of TWA
Captain Bob Buck... have a good one rgds marc

In hopes you all won't mind, one of my father's articles from Air Facts
Magazine...1958 Connie flight from LA to London - nonstop and a classic
story of soon to change era. Thought you might be interested...if you plow
through eventually a little yarn about the star Mizar, in the Big Dipper,
and how it relates to ice crystals in the high atmosphere that screw up the
engines. It seems a bit of gentle, literary dreaming, entwined with
aviation's pragmatics. click following link:
click HERE
Posted by ss278 (Member # 244) on :
Thanks so very much for this.

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