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Posted by fdobcy (Member # 3039) on :
Posted by Robert Dedman (Member # 366) on :
Same to you and Lily.
Posted by extwacaptain (Member # 381) on :
Marc and Bob (Dedman)

To borrow a few favorite words from one of our “Honorary TWA Captains”, Jeff Isenberg, ......”I spect” tomorrow will find all of our friends on this board sharing in giving their thanks for this wonderful life we have been allowed to enjoy.

Know that your always positive comments are greatly appreciated and do tend to “brighten” much of the daily “news”.


P.S. Being the youngest of three children, I quite often ended up getting a wing and the neck. This year, one of those turkey legs is gonna be mine. [Wink]
Posted by Bob Ritchie (Member # 1035) on :
Missing Jeff....

...on this holiday. What a gentleman and delight to know. Can't believe how the years have flown since his passing. Another bright light too quickly extinguished.

Enjoy the day of Thanksgiving.... as we are blessed among men.

Posted by Capn Eddie Ricketyback (Member # 3010) on :
My contribution:


I'm thankful for a lot of things... the military service I was privileged
to experience, which started me on the path which led to my Most
Enjoyable employment with TWA and too many other things to mention.
Oh yeah, and being allowed to celebrate my 80th birthday a couple of months ago.

Tomorrow morning we'll be driving up to some relatives' home about 98.6
miles away to celebrate the holiday. It was a close-run thing... another
1.5 miles and it would be over my limit, which is 100 miles from home!

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Posted by ss278 (Member # 244) on :
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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