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Posted by Bob Ritchie (Member # 1035) on :
I was a 727 CA then. Went on to fly CA on the 757 and 767 at TWA and AA.
Posted by Bob Ritchie (Member # 1035) on :
and this
Posted by Bob Ritchie (Member # 1035) on :
I just couldn't resist. My FA wife and I along with fellow pilot Denny McAlee and his FA wife started the Ozark reunions in 1991.We sponsored them by ourselves for five years before we turned it over to the Silver Swallows retiree group. We had as many as 1,000 attendees in the early days. They still are held each year. But as a terminal group...attendance now runs around 400 persons.

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Posted by Subsonic Transport (Member # 2139) on :
I've looked at various videos of TWA. These are the two best that I've ever seen. They are nise.
Posted by smilinjack (Member # 7) on :
Great memories....I even saw my wife in the Ozark video(one of the Ozark F/A's, at the time Bonnie Billman). Thanks Bob!
Posted by Irish (Member # 722) on :
Did you guys see me SLICK that 727 on?? WOW!!!

Seriously, on my final trip on TWA, a five-dayer in May 1997, knowing that I was scheduled for two eye lens replacements (cataracts) and probably would not return, I landed a 727 at STL on the second day and the only way you would have known that we were on the ground was the landing gear lever lock engaging.

I said to the F/O that that was my retirement landing and it was his airplane for the next three days. Was he thrilled!

It made up for the fact that I never got to put my spouse on the ACM seat on my final trip or had the fire department arch of water, etc...

I retired on December 1, 1997 1 1/2 years early. What a wonderful career and airline!!!
Posted by extwacaptain (Member # 381) on :
Captain Paul,

Stories about your perfect landings are still being told by your fellow crew members.

After much thought, the engineers finally figured out how to determine the actual time "On" by subtracting 6 or 7 seconds from coming out of reverse thrust [Big Grin]

You're supposed to share that skill with the rest of us. [Smile]

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Posted by Irish (Member # 722) on :
Randy, I love ya! [Big Grin]

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