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Posted by Bob Ritchie (Member # 1035) on :
The "New" American Airlines TWA Heritage Aircraft has rolled out of the Paint Hanger.

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Posted by Roger Moore (Member # 2204) on :
Bob, American can't do anything right. They should have picked the final TWA paint job. Roger Moore
Posted by Subsonic Transport (Member # 2139) on :
I was just looking at the site and saw the new paint job. While I'm glad they've done it, it just doesn't "fit". For one thing, they should have used "TWA" on the fuselage with a smaller "American" below it.

But everybody's got an opinion on it. I guess its better than not. Check out this website for Star Stream examples:
Posted by Dick Nicklas (Member # 934) on :
I think it looks great and hope that I get to see the actual thing instead of a picture some day.

I do believe that the original idea may have been USAIR's (no surprise) as they have had planes painted in the colors of their legacy carriers, for example PIEDMONT, for several years.

Anyhow, great idea and certainly good for morale.
Posted by Bob Ritchie (Member # 1035) on :
AA has expressed respect and consideration for TWA that was not shown toward other airlines in the past.

I too would have liked the last paint job better but they chose the one most reflective of TWA's latter years.

My son flew home on an Airbus 319 last week painted in Piedmont colors. I applaud AA for their consideration.
Posted by fdobcy (Member # 3039) on :
Posted by Charlie Jennings (Member # 2026) on :
I too, think it looks great! Thanks American for thinking of all TWA former employees with this respectful gesture.
Posted by Glasspilot (Member # 390) on :
Originally posted by Roger Moore:
They should have picked the final TWA paint job. Roger Moore

I think one factor in choosing the paint job was the "classic" one they used is much easier (ie, faster/cheaper) to duplicate than the last TWA paint job. It was beautiful but complicated. It would be interesting to get a TWA MCI mechanic/painter from those years his opinion.

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Posted by Robert Dedman (Member # 366) on :
Let us all be grateful for American doing that for us. I think it is beautiful and TWA really stands out. [Smile]
Posted by ss278 (Member # 244) on :
My personal favorite was always the "Twin Globes" livery. But I'll take this one. Its great to see TWA on the tail of an active airliner again.
Posted by extwacaptain (Member # 381) on :
Great PR move by American.

May it be successful in helping attract those passengers, who in years gone by favored our airline and have been seeking to find their “New airline loyalty”.

“The (TWA) passengers are (still) King”
Posted by fdobcy (Member # 3039) on :
Following rcvd from TWA Captain Felix Usis


I ran across another oddity. Just thought you might like to know and pass along to other TWAers.

American Airlines on November 16 introduced its TWA heritage livery logo jet. The pictured Boeing 737-823 N915NN (msn 33227) wears the 1979 livery of Trans World Airlines with joint American and TWA titles.


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