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Posted by Roger Moore (Member # 2204) on :
Lost an F16 at Colorado Springs, Pilot ejected and is unhurt. Lost a Blue Angel F18 in Tenn. unfortunately the pilot did not get out. The Blues were here in STL 2 weeks ago and they looked great. Sorry to here of the loss. Roger Moore
Posted by warthog (Member # 1871) on :
Although this is a very tragic loss the background can come into play. # 6 went into burner too many times in the holding area. # 1 the Leader warned him and said to void this. Pres Obamma went over time in his speech by 45 min. #6 ran out of fuel and left the aircraft 6 miles short of the field. The crash site showed no fire so no fuel. #6 and #1 were relieved and fired [ lets see may be some drone pilots or airline new hires ]. Considering the Obamma reputation I would say a good resultion would have been for a ANG tanker to be near by.
Posted by Dick Nicklas (Member # 934) on :
"I would say a good resultion would have been for an ANG tanker to be near by."

And if the tanker had not been nearby, would that have been a bad "resultion"? And could we have then rightly blamed that resultion on Obama too?

Just thinking out loud,

Posted by Bob Ritchie (Member # 1035) on :
There you go Nick...

...THINKING again!

BOB [Wink]

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Posted by Charlie Jennings (Member # 2026) on :
You think he was probably waiting for a call from Dispatch?
Posted by Mayberry (Member # 2641) on :
Six Thunderbirds for the Fourth
The Air Force Thunderbirds will fly their six-ship demonstration this weekend for the first time since one of their jets crashed earlier this month. Maj. Alex Turner, whose F-16 crashed June 2 outside Colorado Springs, Colo., after performing at the Air Force Academy graduation, will return to his role as the opposing solo at a show in Battle Creek, Mich., on July 2, according to an Air Combat Command release. Turner ejected prior to the crash and was unhurt, but was stood down during the investigation as part of standard protocol and to recover from the ejection, according to the release. Since then, he has been medically cleared and taken part in a number of practice flights. ACC Commander Gen. Hawk Carlisle said "the return to a full show is the right thing for the team and for those coming out to see the Thunderbirds in action over the 4th of July weekend," according to the release. The aerial demonstration team participated in its first air show since the stand down in mid-June in Ocean City, Md.
Air Force Magazine June 30th
Posted by Bob Willcutts (Member # 434) on :
Just to clarify......resultion ??? I believe the author meant to say resolution.....

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