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Posted by fdobcy (Member # 3039) on :
Click following link God Bless America... best rgds marc

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Posted by extwacaptain (Member # 381) on :
Marc and Lilly,

Thank you for sharing and expressing your love for this great country.
May we be singing and enjoying the words of this song forever.

2 friends from across the Atlantic
Posted by Bob Ritchie (Member # 1035) on :
And never forget our eternal gratitude to the French....for whom without their support America would not have prevailed in the Revolutionary War. They granted vast loans,training, military equipment and in the final moments the French Navy bottled up the British forcing their surrender. Yes I know..."Enemy of my enemy is my friend." Seldom, if ever, is political/military support purely benevolent. None the less our nation would not have been born, at that time, without French contributions. Happy 4th of July to all of us!
Posted by extwacaptain (Member # 381) on :
“Sing It Again, Kate”.....Ever since the introduction of this song on Armistice Day, 1938, just listening to it always reminds me of the true meaning for our “Patriotic Holidays”.......May you enjoy the following as much as I always do:
Posted by Subsonic Transport (Member # 2139) on :
I was wondering, have any of you guys ever visited the monument for the Lafayette Escadrille from WWI?

I was in Paris briefly last year for a WWII tour and didn't have enough time to see it.

What's the best "routing" from CDG?
Posted by Capn Eddie Ricketyback (Member # 3010) on :
Originally posted by extwacaptain:
“Sing It Again, Kate”.....

A few days have passed since this excellent post of Randy's but it's never too late to celebrate a few more patriotic songs by George M. Cohan as portrayed by James Cagney, whose movie about Mr. Cohan. in my opinion, far surpassed those gangster movies he made earlier and later in his career.

Incidentally, thanks to Randy for keeping everyone posted about my progress during these months when I haven't felt like posting most of the time. If I keep this up, I'll have beaten these first year survival rates in about four months and I can start working on the five year rates.
Posted by fdobcy (Member # 3039) on :

The aviation unit N 124, better known under the name of Lafayette Escadrille was created April 20, 1916 in Luxeuil-les-Bains by young Americans, freedom-loving, willing to engage and fight alongside the French, while the United States were not involved in the conflict. They thus reproduced the gesture of the Marquis de Lafayette, who had helped the "insurgents" during the war of independence. This particularly symbolic gesture and memory in this squad still persist in the French Air Force in the fighter squadron 2/4 "La Fayette" and the US Air Force in the 94th Fighter Squadron. This is the meaning of this ceremony.

FY The Memorial is located at Marnes-la-Coquette (20KM west of Paris) to honor the memory of American pilots who gave their lives in French uniform, before the entry into the war the United States will intervene in 1917.
rgds marc

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