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Posted by Capn Eddie Ricketyback (Member # 3010) on :
We lost Randy early this morning after a fairly short illness. He was, in my opinion, the quintessential TWA Pilot, and he will be missed by all of us who were fortunate enough to know him.

The obituary will be published in the LA Times sometime during the next few days, and I'll keep my eyes open for it. If anybody else comes across it first, don't hesitate to post it in this thread.

Here are some YouTubes of Randy over the years.

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Posted by Rocky Dollarhide (Member # 546) on :
So sorry to learn of Randy"s passing! To me, he always represented the TWA pilots as "the best of the best!" God speed Randy!
Posted by ss278 (Member # 244) on :
No. Just No. It will happen to us all, but sometimes I like to think that some people will just live forever. He will, just not here.

Tailwinds, Randy. Enjoy that First Class Suite you are undoubtedly now occupying. Oh, and it's ok if you want a cigar, I've cleared it with the Big Boss.

My sympathies and prayers to Sally and your family.
Posted by Subsonic Transport (Member # 2139) on :
I've never met Randy other than through this site. Seemed like an awfully dedicated individual to the pilots he flew with and TWA.

When I saw this post just now and the title of it, I just sat and said, "No!"

Randy.....Carry on!
Posted by nyc6035 (Member # 423) on :
It makes me sad to hear of Capt. Randy's passing. I will always remember his kindness and enthusiasm at LAX greeting passengers coming and going. He was a fantastic Ambassador to the brand and to the spirit of TWA.

I have a photo here at home of the good Captain with my then 4 year old daughter at LAX who was on her first big trip with her Dad to Disneyland. (She's now a senior in college). He brought a smile to a young child that day and made her big trip just a little bit more special.

I'll always be grateful for those few moments and minutes over the years that I got to spend with the Captain when passing through LA.

Rest in peace to a fine gentleman and Ambassador.

Sincere condolences to Sally and family.
Posted by smilinjack (Member # 7) on :
Oh know....that is so sad....Randy will be greatly missed by all! What a great man he was....Another part of TWA just slipped away....God speed my friend!
Posted by Irish (Member # 722) on :
...And may the Perpetual Light shine upon him forever.
Posted by Robert Dedman (Member # 366) on :
I really can't quite express what Randy was to me, a great friend, admired and flattered me often, but a more humble man you will have never met. He was the TWA CAPTAIN that made us feel loved, served his country and community, gave far more than he ever wanted to get and made it look so easy. A rare man for sure, loved his fellow pilots, served his community, his country and was a true patriot and was proud to wear his uniform in dignity. I am sorry that I only had the privilege to meet with him at LAX on boarding some stars that came to the cockpit and he introduced us all saying" you are in the best of hands". Nice to hear and he meant it. God rest you my friend after a "job well done on earth", I am sure you will do well in heaven. God Bless you SIR!
Posted by Capn Eddie Ricketyback (Member # 3010) on :
Here's Randy's obituary in the LA Times. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more stories about him in the LA news media during the coming days.
Posted by fdobcy (Member # 3039) on :
I am sad to learn this sad news, I had the privilege of exchanging many emails with him.

Dear Sally, please accept my sincere condolences.

Marc Brécy Flight Dispatcher from France.

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Posted by MrMarky (Member # 635) on :
I just heard the very sad news. My heart goes out to his "TWA Gal" and beautiful wife Sally, and the Kramer family.

He was born the year before TWA -- 1924. He lived a great life for 93 years. Not too shabby.

Randy was a friend, an inspiration, and the standard for what it meant to have TWA blood flowing through your veins. He was also handsome and debonaire, serving as TWA's poster boy for many years of their advertising. I still have a TWA timetable (remember those?) with Randy featured on the cover standing in front of his L-1011! Off camera, the smoke from his cigar could give an RB-211 engine start a run for its money!

Randy was, among many other things, the brainchild for the "TWAer Certificate", which Nicholas Boyd and myself dutifully produced at Randy's request.

That was back in 2000 I believe, but I just checked Nick's old website, and sure enough the Certificate still resides there and can be personalized and printed out.

Unfortunately, the "seniority number" function no longer seems to work, but if I recall correctly, something like 5000 of them were printed out.

You can find and print it here, with your name on it: TWAlive - TWAer Certificate

The above takes you straight to the certificate, but of course there's a back story behind the whole thing that you won't want to miss.

To see the whole story, including a picture of Randy holding the "Eagle" sculpture presented to him by American Airlines for his years of service to TWA at LAX, go here: TWAlive home page
On the right side of the page, find "TWAer Certificate" and click "GO".

The instructions for properly printing it are pretty much out of date, but nevertheless reflect my obsession with detail. Maybe I should have written airplane manuals.

In any event, this isn't supposed to be about me, it's about Randy, so go check out the certificate, which is really very nice, and print one out in memory of our old buddy. If you loved TWA, he would have wanted you to have one.

Rest in peace my friend and congratulations on a long life well lived.


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Posted by nyc6035 (Member # 423) on :

Great to hear from you...very unfortunate its undér these circumstances.

I'm proud to say I am in proud possession of a personally signed timetable with the good captain on the cover.

It is one of my few prized momentos from my TWA days flying...along with my "lifetime" platinum card.

I'm writing this from the cabin of an AA ns from SFO to JFK. The gate this afternoon was not nearly as joyful as those from back in the day when Captain Randy was a reliable source of comfort and joy at LAX. That said, perhaps thats why they call them the good old days.

Best regards
Posted by MrMarky (Member # 635) on :
Hey Mike ---

Great to hear from you too! I wish it were under better circumstances.

I hope all is well.

Take care, Marky

PS -- You have a "Lifetime" platinum card?
How'd you get that?? Haha!

PPS -- I'm not a regular visitor to this forum these days, so it's not the best way to reach me.
I just happened to come here to pay my respects to Randy.

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Posted by TransWorldForever (Member # 406) on :
So sad to hear about Capt. Randy's passing. He symbolized the greatness of TWA like few others.

It's been a long time since I logged in here (though I have browsed from time to time) - good to see some of the familiar names!

Marky, good to see you're still around and yes the TWAer certificate is still up and going strong! Though it seems the tool that was assigning seniority numbers has broken, so now we can all claim seniority #1...

Updating and expanding the TWAlive website has been on the to-do list for a decade plus, but who knew, once you get out of college there's even less time!

Hope everyone is doing well and please pass on my regards/sympathies to the Captain's family if anyone here has direct contact.

Nick / TransWorldForever

Posted by MrMarky (Member # 635) on :
Wow Nick! What a great surprise to hear from you.

You must be OLD by now -- well into your 30's.

That certificate was some of your finest work.

Take care, Marky
Posted by Rocky Dollarhide (Member # 546) on :
I just printed out Certificates for myself and wife Ann. Today was the solar eclipse and is our 41st wedding anniversary. We are both Blessed to have known Captain Randy Kramer and been a part of the TWA Family! Peace to you all!

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